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Two Technologies' new JETT•XL® with JETT•PACK peripheral device was recently selected by Enterprise Air as a more rugged hardware solution to its Mobile Badge Management Suite of Physical Security & Emergency Management Tools.

Serving the Homeland Security market, Enterprise Air offers an integrated suite of mobile software applications that address the physical security and emergency needs of both the government and public sectors. Using secured hand held devices to host its software, Enterprise Air creates mobile solutions that enable law enforcement officers, emergency response workers and other authorized personnel to scan badges, verify ID credentials, check license plate numbers and/or run ad-hoc checks on individuals from any location. Information can be transmitted to a central server for processing.

By using Two Technologies' JETT®•XL computer with JETT•PACK option, Enterprise Air was able to integrate iCLASS smart card technology and proximity card technology into the housing of the hand held device, streamlining its once cumbersome Mobile ID Card Readers.

Previously, Enterprise Air utilized bulky, non-rugged external attachments to hand held computers to house the iCLASS smart card technology, proximity card technology and other peripherals required as part of its access control and security solutions. Units were cumbersome and heavy, while peripherals were exposed to the environment. With the JETT•PACK option, Enterprise Air was able to integrate the necessary iClass smart card and proximity card technology into Two Technologies' most powerful and rugged hand held computer, the JETT•XL. This enabled the development of a compact, one-piece Mobile ID Card Reader that was both rugged and user-friendly.

"The JETT•XL hand held computer, with JETT•PACK option allows us to offer our Mobile ID Card Reader as a convenient, one-piece unit without any add-ons to accommodate additional peripherals," noted Mike Hejtmanek, Founder & CEO, Enterprise Air. "No other handheld computer on the market could offer us this capability."

In addition to smart cards and proximity cards, Enterprise Air integrates its own OEM reader modules to support different card technologies and interfaces. "Using the JETT•PACK with the JETT•XL hand held, we were able to exclusively build an interchangeable ID Card Reader module that is completely integrated with the hand held," says Hejtmanek.

Fastest Most Powerful Ruggedized Mobile Computer

Along with its capacity to integrate a variety of peripherals and communication devices with the JETT•PACK option, the JETT•XL is one of the fastest, most powerful mobile computers on the market. Incorporating a powerful Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET 5.0 operating system, along with an Marvell® PXA270 XScale® technology processor, the JETT•XL delivers high performance (624 MHz) for fast information processing. Featuring XScale RISC, with on-the-fly voltage and frequency scaling, the JETT•XL has sophisticated power management to provide industry-leading performance.

Designed with a rugged IP65 rated package, the JETT•XL is completely dust-tight and can withstand exposure to jets of water as well as operating temperatures of –20ºC to 50ºC. A casing made of GE XENOY® makes it one of the most durable, chemical-resistant hand held computers available on the market today.

"As our mobile solutions are often used in changing weather conditions and dropped by users, it is important that the hand held device be very durable," noted Elizabeth Nichols, Account Executive, Enterprise Air. "In addition to being rugged, the JETT•XL offers a backlit keypad that allows users to see the keys at night."

Offering a variety of customization options, the JETT•XL hand held computer enabled Enterprise Air to customize features such as the keyboard, overlays and logos. Now, Enterprise Air can customize keyboard commands to customer requirements.

"With these different options, we can satisfy each customer's specific requirements," reports Nichols. "For example, if a customer needs a keypad to function in low light conditions, we will be able to provide them with a solution for that problem. If another user requires a streamlined appearance for their keypad, we will also be able to accommodate their needs without compromising the technology."

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