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Image Data's president and co-founder, Bob Houvener, understands firsthand the frustration caused by identity fraud. His car was broken into and a credit card stolen from his wallet. Within hours, the thieves used Houvener's card to charge hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from unsuspecting retailers. Like millions of other consumers, Houvener was left to repair the damage to his good credit record. Resolving the problem took months of phone calls and paper chases between the credit card company and police. An engineer by trade, he decided to develop a secure system to protect consumers and businesses from identity fraud. The result was TRUE ID by Image Data, LLC, of Nashua, New Hampshire. True ID is a fraud protection system providing protection for consumers and businesses alike. True ID helps to prevent identity frauds, including, but not limited to, check, credit card, application, and return fraud. Integrating with existing point of service equipment, it provides business users with a cost-effective method to prevent fraud while expediting consumer transactions with enhanced accuracy and security.

How TRUE ID works ...

Is fairly simple. Upon purchase, the customer presents photo identification to the sales person. The photo ID is then scanned into True ID, and mapped to the customer’s account data. The business subscriber indicates whether the image does or does not match the customer’s actual appearance by pressing a button on the True ID display device.

If the image matches, the transaction is completed. If the image does not match, the business subscriber makes the decision on how to continue the transaction. The next time the customer initiates a transaction, their image is securely sent back to the point of service for identity verification.

But Image Data had a problem with its initial system: long-lead times, constant breakage and other technical problems. What Houvener and Image Data needed was a proven, dependable add-on feature to their system. They found the answer with the HV40 terminal by Two Technologies, Inc. The HV40 is a rugged, fully functional ASCII Terminal ideal for a multitude of cost-sensitive applications. And the HV40 is versatile. For Image Data, Two Technologies, Inc. customized their standard, user-friendly HV40 keypad and cable setup for in-store use. Basically a data input device, the HV40 acts as link between the point-of-sale security device (TRUE ID), the security database and the register.

"We were looking for an alternative to the keypad we had (in place)," explained Dan Harrington, a Image Data representative. "We didn't want to totally change the code we had in place or force people to learn a new system. And Two Technologies, Inc. was able to do that."

Harrington also feels that because all terminals and computers are designed and produced onsite at Two Technologies, Inc., the added service and security action were key factors in the decision to go with the Horsham-based company.

Two Technologies, Inc. has been providing products for industries in need of reliable and rugged hand held solutions since 1987. The HV40 terminals used in the TRUE ID system not only provide the necessary support for the application, they also withstand the demands and rigors of repeated use. Additionally, its affordability adds to the cost-effectiveness of the TRUE ID system used by a variety of retailers nationwide.

As a result, the TRUE ID system, Including Two Technologies, Inc.' HV40 terminal, is being welcomed to a field not exactly known for change and where universal acceptance can be hard to come by.

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