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Mobile systems innovator for on-road commerce.

From trucking fleet manaGEMent to direct store delivery accounting, mobile commerce solutions from Summary Systems, Inc. improve efficiencies and profits. Customized to each customer's unique requirements, solutions utilize Two Technologies, Inc.'s industrial-strength JETT®•ce hand held computers for highest functionality and value.

Customer Focus


CHALLENGE: Mobile computer capable of supporting aggressive product functionality upgrades using the latest proven and emerging technologies.

SOLUTION: Two Technologies JETT•ce hand held computer. Among product features are dual serial ports, embedded wireless options, tethered and portable vehicle-mount options, bar code and RFID options, and customizable backlit keypads. Additional benefits Include Two Technologies, Inc.'s support organization, history for working partnerships, and resources to apply new technologies.

RESULT: Higher value for customers and increased competitive differentiation from off-the-shelf products, reinforcing customer loyalty to secure revenue base and raising business value proposition to attract and close new accounts.

Off-the-shelf no match for custom on-board computing solution.

Summary Systems specializes in adapting the latest mobile technologies to improve profits for businesses dependent on road transport of goods and services. By working with customers to assess requirements and then integrating "best of breed" products to develop custom mobile computing solutions, the value-added reseller and systems integrator enables companies to optimize their operating efficiencies for managing vehicles, inventory, delivery information and personnel.

"We provide mobile communications systems, integration services and product lifecycle support for customer-specific functionality that companies cannot get with off-the-shelf systems," says Summary Systems' president Bob Montana. "Our focus on applying technology to each customer's real-world needs Increases benefits and the customer's return on investment, in some cases, throughout the entire supply chain."

Summary Systems markets a line of core capabilities that are packaged, configured and customized to customer specifications. Products Include Fleet Commander™ (comprehensive on-board computing with bi-directional wireless data exchange and GPS), Fleet Find™ (passive GPS vehicle locator), Route Accounting Automation System™ (direct store delivery), Yard Commander™ (trailer dispatch, moves and changes), and Fleet Dynamics™ (fleet maintenance manaGEMent).

"JETT•ce is the most important component in our new solutions. The functionality of the product combined with our working partnership with Two Technologies creates higher value for Summary Systems' customers."

- Bob Montana, President Summary Systems, Inc.
Two Technologies, Inc. JETT®•ce operator interface solutions Increase functionality.

Bob Montana had "heard of Two Technologies, Inc." but not until the introduction of JETT•ce in 2003 did he recognize the company's fit among his best-of-breed vendors. Summary Systems at the time used hand-held computers from a major manufacturer. Upon investigating JETT•ce features, the company's ongoing product upgrade programs shot into overdrive.

JETT•ce's Microsoft® Windows® CE.NET operating system freed Summary Systems to upgrade products from DOS and expedite customizations using Visual C++ tools. Provisions for essential functionalities such as wireless communications, GPS, bar code reading and printer connectivity are more sophisticated than with the hand held devices that Summary Systems was previously using. New support for technologies such as Bluetooth®, Wireless LAN 802.11b/g and RFID expands customers' current and future capability options. Deployment options are much more accommodating for Summary Systems' various product offerings and customer customizations. And Two Technologies, Inc.' sales support fully aligns with Summary Systems' mission to deliver custom solutions addressing customers' specific needs and preferences.

"JETT•ce is the most important component in our new solutions," confirms Montana. "The functionality of the product combined with our working partnership with Two Technologies, Inc. creates higher value for Summary Systems' customers."

Flexibility for real-world applications.

For Summary Systems' flagship Fleet Commander solutions, JETT®•ce with barcode and signature capture options deploys as a portable or stationary device tethered to on-board communications, GPS and printer. The application tracks vehicle movements, for example, location, how fast the vehicle is moving, stops and duration of stops. It enables drivers to enter information such as delivery and pick-up data, trip report, DOT log and vehicle maintenance actions. It also tracks driver performance, such as time spent at each stop, route traveled, miles and travel time. The system quickly pays for itself by lowering administrative costs and Increasing truck productivity.

For customers needing a more portable device for in-store deliveries, the JETT®•ce operator interface for Summary Systems' Route Accounting Automation System is configured with a cradle. At Summary Systems' request, Two Technologies, Inc. also modified the JETT•ce used for direct store delivery with a hand strap and reconfigured keypad for one-handed operation. The application tracks route sales, returns, invoicing, cash receipts, sales histories and the driver's delivery performance. Customers credit the system for sales Increases of 10 to 15% and improved inventory manaGEMent.

Adding value at the point of sale

Strong vendor/partners are the lifeline of the value-added reseller. Today, Montana presents a higher value proposition to customers and prospects.

"Two Technologies, Inc. manufactures their products and backs them with longer warranties and faster service," he explains. "They have the capabilities and willingness to adapt new technologies and engineer custom features and options. Embedded wireless communications with Bluetooth and Wireless LAN 802.11b/g and JETT with RFID are examples of where their technology is at. Keypad customizations, applications for tethered or portable use, and card slots for capabilities expansion are examples of how they are working with us to work with you, the customer. So, how exactly can we help you?"

"Two Technologies, Inc. manufactures their products and backs them with longer warranties and faster service. They have the capabilities and willingness ... working with us to work with you, the customer."

- Bob Montana, President Summary Systems, Inc.
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