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Clear image of license plate
Hydrus Luna/HANDGEAR Images

With the powerful Xenon flash on the Hydrus Luna and HANDGEAR, you can capture an image in a dark utility closet, parking garage or any other low light environment. Click on the image gallery below to see more example of images taken with products.

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What problems will the Hydrus Luna solve? Let's take a look at a few low light applications that could benefit from an integrated flash. If you have questions about your application, contact us today to find the right solution.

Application: Fire extinguisher installation and inspection

Challenge: Users need to show extinguisher condition and accessibility, and that inspection records are current - indoors and out. Images need to cross reference to job number.

Solution: Inspection parameters are easily read and verified when an image is illuminated with the Luna. The user has several scene options for taking an image in various environments, for example “Dark Warehouse”, “Full Sunlight”, “Office Lighting”, etc.

Application: Parking Authority

Challenge: Images of license plates look great on sunny days, but are dark and indecipherable on overcast days and at night.

Solution: With a flash, license plate images clearly show the numbers and letters in good contrast against the reflective surface. Parking location images do not need to be as detailed but can be illuminated enough to show useful information.

Application: Utilities/Field Service

Challenge: Company needs to be able to read meters, verify installation, and document inspection tags, all in low light conditions, without having to carry around a handheld computer and a camera.

Solution: Whether you need to read small numbers on a meter, or show a water heater installed, the Hydrus Luna can be configured to focus and flash in a manner that will give you the required detail. Capture an image closeup for clearly legible numbers or flood a scene with light to provide an overall understanding of location.


Are bright sunlight or artificial light sources causing glare and distorting your subject? Consider a polarizing filter. The filter changes the way the Hydrus' imager sees and treats light, in turn, it changes the vibrancy of some colors and may darken others. The polarizing filter is perfect for outdoor applications or when glass, or shiny metal is often a subject, and can be changed (in the field) if they become scratched or damaged. Contact us for more details!

Application: Automobile Inspection

Challenge: Images are unusable because of glare from windshield and reflective labels. Text needs to be legible.

Solution: A polarizing filter reduces glare by redirecting the sunlight so that it does not hit the lens directly. F8, SPEED:100, SHUTTER:1/60, NO FLASH, FOCUS: 10IN. (morning sun)

Application: Used Car Sales

Challenge: Bright sun washes out detail on shiny metallic surfaces and headlight plastic. Photos need to be crisp for website.

Solution: The polarizing filter removes most glare, adds detail to the headlight and Increases color saturation. (Adjustments can be made to settings to prevent the dark areas from being too dark.) F8, SPEED:100, SHUTTER:1/60, NO FLASH, FOCUS: INFINITY (afternoon sun)

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