Data Logging

Two Technologies, a leader in rugged handheld devices, is the choice of organizations looking for a better mobile data logging solution that incorporates a printer and barcode scanner for their field operations.

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Data Logging

Why use XF1R2 rugged devices?

Field operators desire rugged devices that incorporate all the features found in XF1R2 purpose-built products. As a result, they can go anywhere and record vital data, such as temperature, humidity, location, light, and shock even in harsh surroundings in a more precise and reliable way.

With an XF purpose-built device, additional types of sensors and gauges can be incorporated beyond those already available on off-the shelf mobile devices. Probes and interconnect cables give additional access.


  • Optional integrated 3-Inch thermal printer or XF remote printer: Prints real-time data and reports
  • Optional Barcode Scanner: Integrated high performance 1D/2D scanner reads barcodes on assets and documents eliminating manual entry errors
  • Field Replaceable Supplemental Battery: Allows hardware to be used across a shift or multiple shifts
  • Rugged Watertight Housing: Protects against dust and liquid, can be used in inclement weather, and withstands drops from four feet
  • Purpose-built Options: Additional types of sensors and gauges can be incorporated in to the XF for custom solutions.

Note: Android devices are not included, and must be purchased separately. Supported devices include the Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Samsung S22 Ultra. Contact Two Technologies for more information.

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Interested in becoming an integration partner?

Two Technologies is always interested in working with partners who develop smart device solutions. The XF SDK enables developers to integrate their Android applications with our XF1R2 products using Android Studio. Contact Two Technologies to learn more.