White Papers

Using Fingerprint Biometrics in Public Safety

Find out how mobile devices with built-in fingerprint biometrics provide a powerful tool in public safety applications.

A Beginner's Guide for Using Teach Pendants

Learn the basics of teach pendants their benefits, common uses, components, and applications.

The Future of Mobile Biometrics in Law Enforcement

Examine how law enforcement can utilize mobile devices with integrated multimodal biometrics in the future.

XF Battery Care and Maintenance

This article describes the dos and don’ts for XF battery care and maintenance, and ways to achieve optimal battery performance.

The Benefits of Using Mobile Devices as Data Loggers

Discover how mobile devices can be used as data loggers, what hardware to consider, and the advantages of purpose-built solutions.

Sometimes a Simple HMI is All You Need

Explore how a simple HMI device can tackle your needs without complexity or added expense.