Teach Pendant

Two Technologies is the choice of equipment manufacturers looking for rugged, hand held interface devices to use as a teach pendant.

Robots used in fabrication, welding and other industries need to learn how to perform their job. A teach pendant can program a robot’s speed, range of motion and other related parameters to perform repetitive tasks. Teach pendants can also be used for testing and troubleshooting robotic systems.

Teach Pendant

Why use a Two Technologies teach pendant?

Two Technologies teach pendants are used in hundreds of machine control applications. You can choose from a variety of options including display, keypad, graphics and interfaces.

We offer hundreds of configurations that adapt to your product offering, including:

  • Keypads that feature application specific graphics allow your product to be intuitive to operate and minimize the learning curve.
  • Custom case colors that match your product offering and environment.
  • Logo tags with your company name or product name prominently displayed.

After all, it’s our job to provide a rugged and intuitive interface that flows seamlessly into your product offering – allowing your design to assume center stage.

Since 1987, Two Technologies has continuously supported its terminal products. While competitors frequently obsolete their products, Two Technologies understands the need to keep your manufacturing capital investment active as long as possible.

Contact Two Technologies for more information about our full line of rugged terminals.

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